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About Us

We Started Small

We started as a very small team with a small boat called Crystal Blue. Well, actually it wasn’t a small boat it was a 24 meter luxury superyacht. We started referring to it as the “small boat” when we launched the YOT Club, the world’s first superyacht entertainment venue, which is 23 meters wide (as wide as Crystal Blue is long) x 40 meters long and licensed for 400 guests over two luxurious levels.

We designed and built the YOT Club right here on the Gold Coast at the Coomera Marine precinct. From initial napkin sketch to the official launch on 9th March of 2019, the YOT Club was a monumental two year construction project requiring over 20,000 man (and women) hours to complete the build.

Building Locally

We then built the YOT Club and YOT 75 and upgraded Crystal Blue to become YOT Blue. Together the fleet offers the leading luxury motor yacht charters on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Across the current fleet, we have a passenger capacity of 530 people and exciting plans for a new 100ft Super Yacht vessel later this year. Reading about our story, it’s easy to get the impression we are in the big luxury boat business. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

We pride ourselves on being in the hospitality business – “the friendly and generous reception of guests, visitors or strangers”, in our case, “on very big luxury boats”

Wow Factor

We understood from the start that the boats create the “wow” factor, as you step aboard (no denying the boats are very cool), but the real enjoyment, the fun and happiness factor that build long lasting memories, and ultimately a sense of fulfilment, come from much more.

Those feelings come from a combination of a lot of things that are more tangible – great friendly service, delicious food, new and exciting drinks, music you just want to get up and dance to and views that are hard to replicate on land, all while cruising at a leisurely 6 knots, watching the world go by.

YOT Club Facts



Passengers boarded and enjoyed private and public events since February 2019.



Looking after your every need and VIP experience at every YOT Club event.



YOT Club top speed during the 7 hour transfer between Brisbane and Gold Coast events.